Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tooling up!

Hello Folks,

Marilyn did a fantastic job of starting this blog for us. Please add your email to the 'Follow Us' box on the sidebar to receive updates on any posts to the blog. Also, be sure to post so we can start to establish our presence on here and use it as a tool. Please feel free to make suggestions as everything is starting to take shape. A few other things to note:

You'll notice that I've updated the grant materials and made them available as a download on the site.

You'll also notice that for the WHO section, Marilyn has designed a template which will showcase each PC member. Please email me a headshot so that we can construct this for the site.

Nataka, could you post one or two of the best group pictures to the blog so that I can use it for the grant materials?

Would anyone be interested in meeting this weekend?

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