Thursday, May 24, 2012

Materials ordered!

Hi Team, 

Between 11-1 tomorrow, we will have $1,000 worth of sand, gravel, insulation, cmu block, and plastic sheeting delivered to 32 Lindsey Street. We received a small discount (only about $35) from Waldo Brothers, but they are very interested in supporting us in the future and will increase the discount with every order we make. 

As you may know, this represents about 50% of the money we have for the project, and the other 50% will cover the aquaponics system kit not including cross country shipping. That said, we will have everything in place to start growing plants and fish! Its critical that we each do our best to fund raise or identify additional granting opportunities.

It looks like we'll have a couple days of dry weather leading into the weekend and a 30% chance of AM showers on Sunday.

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