Window Aquaponics Units (WApU): Systems Research

As we continue to secure funding this winter for our Lindsey St. greenhouse, PC team members are developing indoor aquaponics systems at the window scale. We are testing a several system configurations and fish/plant species; collecting data and comparing notes. This process allows the PC to continue necessary hands-on research and to develop a working knowledge of the physics, chemistry, and biology associated with creating and maintaining aquaponics systems

Our (4) WApUs:

WApU_CODMAN  (Flood and Drain + Sump)

Status: System cycled, planting in progress!

Grow Bed: (4) 41"x12" flood trays
Pump Type: 400 gph pump on timer
Fish Tank Size: 90 gallon, 30 gallon sump
Water Type: fresh, heated
Fish:  (18) edible blue tilapia, (4) fancy goldfish
Plants: (70 max) tomato, peppers, squash, cucumber, mint, basil, chive, lettuce, green beans


WApU_INMAN (Hanging Garden Drip System)

Status: System active!

Grow Bed: (16) Hanging Planters (recycled bottles)
Pump Type: 250 gph, continuous drip feed
Fish Tank Size: 20 gallon
Water Type: fresh, cold water
Fish:  fancy goldfish
Plants: (16 max) cabbage, mint


WapU_DAVIS (Flood and Drain Planter Box System)

Status: System active!

*Check out POST #1 #2 or #3 regarding this WApU!

Grow Bed: (3) Window Boxes
Pump Type: 200 gph, pump on timer
Fish Tank Size: 20 gallon
Water Type: fresh, heated
Fish:  (9) various tropical species
Plants: (14 max)

WApU_WILLOW  (Flood and Drain Mini-System)

Status: System cycling!

Grow Bed: (2) Window Boxes
Pump Type: 150gph, pump on timer
Fish Tank Size: 10 gallon
Water Type: fresh, heated
Fish:  (2) fancy goldfish
Plants: (8 max) basil, chive

We are currently maintaining four WApUs. View our 1-month report.

Aquaponics and Lifestyle:

Imagine your apartment as a machine for living. What kind of every day habitation processes can you integrate into your lifestyle with a WApU in your home?

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