Sunday, December 16, 2012

WApU Willow!

Thanks to Dan's shopping trip to Petco, I'm now in the WApU mix! Today I set up my tank and got the water cycling, so that I can add fish and plants soon. I did a 10 gallon tank with a cover [my cat loves water...], and I'll be planting some herbs. The idea is to test a different, smaller system than Dan or Kyle + Lauren have, so that we can continue to widen our research sample. This system will be small, compact, and ideal for small spaces or an introduction to aquaponics! Stay tuned for the introduction of fish and plants next week...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winterization at Lindsey Street

In order to prepare for snow we have completed the winterization of the aquaponics system at 32 Lindsey Street. Our research will continue over the colder months with our indoor systems (WApU) and the testing of our solar panels. Beginning January 22nd, we will be working with students at the Boston Architectural College through two Gateway Initiative project teams and one advanced architecture workshop on the design of this systems greenhouse enclosure, along with other exciting sites and partners!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

WApU as Living Machine

Here's a great representation of how the WApU operates within our own home. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

WApU Update!

We've got a few changes to the fish tank and some good growth from the plant beds:
The two WApUs - Inman and Davis - allow us to test a number of aquaponics system variables such as plant productivity, aesthetics, and lighting, and water quality control from two locations at once.

Today we welcomed (3) more fish to the WApU Davis (11 total!) including an algae eating sucker. We've also got a few more aquatic top plants for varying light conditions and fish hideout.

The hops root we claimed from Alex's in-ground lot pre-freeze has sprouted. The root was submerged for about a month and found its way to the sun (and our artificial light fixtures!) - We're looking forward to it taking over the living room.

Speaking of a take-over, the mint plant has clearly become the most productive  member of our grow beds. So much so that we harvest a good third of it this weekend and plan to make some tea/use it in our juice recipes.