Friday, October 26, 2012

WApU Davis Updates

We have completed the setup for WApU Davis with some great progress and a bit of trial and error over the past two weeks!

We doubled the system to two beds and replaced our house plants with young vegetables from the local market and even some that we saved from the Davis Community Garden.

Lauren and I added 4 more tropical fish to our system - a few gouramis and also two catfish. They are all quite happy and we have a lot of activity at all levels of the tank - though it seems we do have a bully in the group...

I purchased a larger air pump for the system so that we could include air stones in the planter beds - This has increased the amount of oxygen the plants get while they are feeding on nutrient rich water from the fish tank.

Dan and I installed some additional electrical lighting above each grow bed to insure that the plants are getting enough exposure as the days get shorter! The system seems to be responding well as you can see - mint, chard, and the lettuce seem to be doing great!

Finally, Lauren added some worms from our compost bin to each media basket. The worms assist in breaking down solid fish waste and creating more food for the plants!

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