Sunday, October 14, 2012

WApU_INMAN: The Hanging Planter System

This is the now-operational system in Inman square. The planters are made from 1L Poland Spring bottles, with baskets set in. Alligator clips allow for easy adjustment. I adapted a design found on:, a great resource for hydroponic vertical gardening.

In total this system will support 12-18 planters, with the remaining bottles supplied by teammates over this coming week. The pump, which has a 6' maximum head height, is doing the job. But an on/off cycle may be out of the picture.

Currently growing: one romaine lettuce (on top) and one cabbage.

We're beginning a new WApU page (see at top) to document the ongoing research in each location, with live feed to the data we're collecting. The page is under construction, but check back soon for more updates.

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