Sunday, May 6, 2012

platform design

The current idea for the 16' x 16' platform is a composition of rigid insulation and dry-set block that will act as a thermal mass. A geotextile layer underneath will prevent the sand dry-set from mixing with the soil below when the structure is relocated. Our greenhouse enclosure could then be designed to slip over the 7" curb around the perimeter of the pavers. I built this system into our rhino model to tally up the block count and material costs.

concrete block (288) @ $1.25/ea = $360
1" rigid insulation (16) 2'x8' sheets @ $9/ea = $145
geotextile 4' x 100' roll (1) @ $50/ea = $50
sand (10) 50 lb bags @  $3.34/ea = $35
+ rental of a tamper tool/some ingenious soil leveling system. (rolling barrels?)
+ rental truck (or delivery)

I would really like to find an alternative to Home Depot. Procuring these materials from HD would exceed $600. This platform is easily assembled with a team and would be fairly stable, but only marginally mobile. The re-use of the material is high.

Anyone want to help find these materials from a different source? Other thoughts about the platform design?


  1. Based on Declan's expertise, we should consider the following:

    Concrete Block - Waldo Brothers (behind home depot)
    Rigid Insulation - Insulation Depot or Sterling Building Materials
    Geotextile - AH Harris
    Sand - Waldo Brothers or Declan could provide
    Tamper - United Rental or borrow from Placetailor (Declan)
    Lumber - Sterritt Lumber or Concord Lumber (deliver)
    Truck - Home Depot, U-Haul, friend with truck

  2. Blocks are $1.40 at Waldo
    Sand is $5.11 at Waldo

    Anyone have a good pitch to get a nonprofit discount?