Monday, January 21, 2013

WaPU Willow: with fish!

I've got fishes! Kyle and I went over to Big Fish Little Fish today, our favorite local Somerville pet store, and picked up these two goldfish for my WaPU. After following the acclimation instructions to the letter, I set them free - they seem to love their new home, which includes some other accessories I thought they might like. Owing to a tank heater mishap, I've decided to go cold water, which means goldfish and maybe catfish. The plan is to let them settle in for a week or two [did you know that when fish are sad or stressed, their top fin flops over?] and get a few more fish. Then, I'll let all the fish settle in for another few days, and then I'll be ready to hook up the plants. Sounds like a trip to our other favorite local haunt, Grow Your Own, this weekend!

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