Sunday, July 1, 2012

Updates, and next BUILD Day

Hey Crew,

Lauren, Dan and I did not receive the kit on Friday, but it will arrive tomorrow (Monday) and Bobby will be at Lindsey Street to receive it.

Bobby and I also discussed a short term power solution (for the water pump) and we will be working with the neighbors to reach an agreement by next weekend.

We have all of the PVC pipe, hand tools, and lumber needed to install the Aquaponics Kit next weekend, so lets decide if Saturday or Sunday (or both) are best for our next BUILD day!

The Enclosure team has scheduled a design session on the 4th of July so that we will have a clear design moving forward.

Bobby tells me he's got a ton of saplings when we're ready - so let's complete the system next weekend!

Lauren, Kyle and Marilyn are registered for the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto and will be presenting on August 17th!

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